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If you’re anything like me, you desperately need organizational systems in your life that work for you instead of making more work for you. I have scoured neatly designed blogs and perfectly edited YouTube how-tos with primped Moms in their dream homes showing off their own systems to the tune of light and jingly music…and though it is extremely entertaining, it is hardly relatable.

Last year’s census reveals that 36.8% of US households were living in rental properties. This means no renovations and in some cases, no shelves or other mounted hardware. Also, my experience with rentals is that they are usually much smaller spaces! This limits any potential organizational systems by making it utterly dependent on the space, shape, and colors of the home. Beautiful moms who don’t look like how I feel with their giant open concept kitchen and totally customized renovations just don’t give me warm fuzzies when I look around at my mess. I don’t feel empowered – I feel limited.

There are plenty of normal moms out there with cute printables available on their blogs and great ideas, but what if you’re just starting out and their ideas aren’t really one-size-fits-all? How do you even begin to look for how-to videos on molding those straight-out-the-magazine-looking systems to meet your needs and your space?

This has been tumbling around in my mind for some time now.  As I’m gaining some ground organizing while extremely limited by the shape and size of our spaces, I thought I’d create an online space for me to be honest about organizing without the glitz, glam, or make-up and manicures.

I’ll keep a current list of Honest Organizer blog posts here.

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