The following are links to my works in Google Drive Docs, as well as a short synopsis of what each document entails. Enjoy.

Creative Writing

Reflections on Poetry Selection

From ENG240, Introduction to Creative Writing, written in APA format. Instructor’s feedback is written on the References page. The prompt was to write a critique of a poetry selection from our text as if it were to be published in a literary magazine.


Original Short Story

Another ENG240 assignment requiring a 1000 – 1150 word original short story that utilizes narrative, dialogue, setting, conflict, tension and resolution. Instructor’s feedback is written on page 7. He had many minor edits to the taglines of my dialogue. It was a positive learning experience.


Academic Writing

Persuasive Essay Regarding Common Core

ENG200 research final. Showcases my ability to research raw data, analyze trends, and write a strong argument according to the prescribed format. I received full marks and encouraging feedback from the instructor:

“Excellent work here, Hillary. You applied all of your feedback from both the Rough Draft and the Revised Rough Draft. You incorporated sources in your paper and used proper APA formatting. Your introduction is nicely written and your body paragraphs support your introduction throughout. Your conclusion sums up your assignment nicely in the end. I hope this experience was very useful to you and helped you develop skills you can use in future courses. Good luck!”