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We are all facing great odds when it comes to achieving our dreams. I’m going to keep a running list here of sites that can help you overcome your biggest obstacles.

Consider breaking the mold by checking out Workaway.

Hosts all over the world are looking for guests who can contribute to their businesses, homesteads, animal sanctuaries, family life, or schools. Teach English in Yucatan, au pair in England, work at an off-grid hostel in Croatia, or stay on a farm nearby your hometown this summer! Browse the host list and consider signing up to contact them. It’s well worth the annual membership cost (workawayers pay $36 for a single person, $44 for a couple account) and there is an option to buy a membership for a friend…or have a friend buy one for you! Split the cost of a couple account with a good friend and workaway together! Don’t let travel and accommodation costs prevent you from new and amazing experiences this year. Most hosts take care of their workawayers’ needs, including all their meals. It varies host to host, so take a good long look at what each person has to offer.

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