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My Great-Aunt Grace was one hell of a woman. She lived comfortably for 92 years, eating wholesome food, growing a garden in her yard in Napa Valley, and stashing money by being content with what she had. My mother named me Hillary Grace after her (and no, not after Clinton). She was like a grandmother to me, and I’ve taken her name as a mantle, to be like she was.

Find me on Twitter @FarmwithGrace to follow alongside as I get started for the 2018 spring and summer seasons. I’ll be planning and planting a garden, caring for horses, donkeys, and dogs, creating pastures for them, and making fun of my husband and feeding him while he does the hard labor.

Check back here for blog posts about the garden, animals, life, and business. This website is home base for my adventures as I try to share my experiences. Right now the blog is a chronicling of how I’m learning to begin my own farm and balance being a momma. Eventually I’d like to write more informational articles, how-tos and reviews. One day this site might tell the tale of a successful market farm that rose up from the dust.



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