About Me

I’m Grace. It’s my middle name. I was named for my Great Aunt Grace, who was the most wonderful woman I ever knew.

I’m a wanderer. I grew up thinking that I didn’t fit in anywhere. When I became a mom, I realized that we each have to carve out our space in the world. Nothing is handed to us. We are creators, or we are consumers. And I’m no consumer.

I don’t watch the news. Enough of it comes to me against my will. I don’t have a party affiliation until I know who I’m voting for. That is becoming easier with time.

I believe in many religious tenets from across the world. First, to be kind to everyone. Second, to not be a doormat. Third, to be aware of what I put out into the universe, and to have attractive expectations for what I will receive. Fourth, and lastly, to believe that God is in everything and everyone, but He’s gone and forgotten who He is. He thinks He’s Leonard down the hall, or Sarah at the store. So be kind to them, all of them. They don’t know how special they are.

I love to write creatively and have recently honed this skill through my ENG240 class. I had the opportunity to write original poems, short stories, a play, and a creative non-fiction memoir. I will link to these creative works in my Portfolio.

I used to spend a lot of time on Reddit, and then my car broke down. I haven’t been able to bring myself to waste time since. #hustling