First Planting: May 9, 2018

(Note: I am delayed in posting this because a most amazing thing happened! We welcomed our first little boy into the world and just got back from the hospital yesterday!!! More on that in a later post. -Grace)

WOW, we are late! It hasn’t frosted in about a week and a half and the temperatures are hitting the 80s through the height of the day. All the trees have bloomed and now bright green leaves begin to offer shade in the yards! It’s finally PERFECT for planting and we are out there getting dirty right now! I’m taking a quick break to start writing this up, cool down, and hydrate. Here’s what we’ve been up to this morning:

Transplanting and Sowing

We picked up HUNDREDS of dollars worth of “dying” vegetable plants from our local Winco, a hardware store. Their storefront gets way too much sunlight and many plants were not sale-worthy anymore, so we got them ALL for FREE! We loaded up the truck with as many we could fit with the lumber and concrete we’d also bought, and I’m telling you MOST of these plants should survive transplanting. We got tomatoes, green and red bell peppers, jalapenos, cayenne, broccoli, cabbage, spearmint, sweet mint, spinach, and one good looking Thai basil plant!

The plants that obviously won’t make it were removed from their trays or pots and the potting soil I emptied into a wheelbarrow. Just imagine…a 9-months pregnant lady sitting on a stool in the garden having WAY too much fun finally getting dirty! My husband shoveled in some dirt from the garden to mix with the potting soil, since we needed more in order to refill the pots and trays we’ll be emptying today.

While I filled those trays up and started sowing kale into them, he finished off the first bed and started transplanting the 36 or so tomato plants we were able to salvage. I’m not sure they will all survive the transplant but we’ll just have to see. I’ll make sure to record things like this in a notebook so we can plan better for 2019 or even the next succession of planting later this season.

Building Up the Garden

My husband reckons we’ll get 20 beds into the garden plot, but our only method of building beds is pretty slow and laborious. We started by doing one at a time, filling them up with our free stock of plants as we go. Instead of making beds while he’s knee deep in building a deck, we’re just going to plant rows in the plowed up soil. The advantage to this is that it not only saves time, but we can plant in whatever pattern we want without being restricted by the width of the beds.

We are also thinking of building a few raised beds for the mesclun mix, arugula, spinach, and lettuce. I think it would be a beautiful addition now that we realize we have SO much space to plant. We can “waste” a little bit with raised beds and he’s got the reclaimed lumber for it from his deck rebuilding project. I hope to one day have pictures!


It’s what’s for lunch! Once the sun was high and hot I moved inside for my usual “I’m too white for this” siesta. Instead of napping through the heat, I took about an hour to make lunch and chill out. It wasn’t too much longer after I went back out that we got a pleasant downpour from a distant thunderstorm. We’re waiting to see if it’s coming closer or just moving alongside.

I’m calling it a day and I’ll start back up tomorrow morning. The parsley and mints we got from Winco need some attention and all that’s left to transplant of the veggies is the peppers. Thankfully temperatures at night will stay above 50 F so our little plants might just make it!

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  1. Congratulations on your baby boy! He’ll be great help in the garden before you know it! Free plants are always a bonus. Be aware that the broccoli may not do well, if it was highly stressed in the pots. The rest can take a lot of stress, but broccoli can refuse to head if it even misses getting watered once, or gets too much heat. Just didn’t want you to think you were a poor farmer if it doesn’t work. Best of luck in your growing season.


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