Farm Progress!

It has been well into the 80s this week with ample sunshine to dry up our very, very wet land here in Tennessee! My husband has been tearing up the rotting deck on the house while also digging around in the garden plot, which led to an interesting discovery.

Part of the plot is unusable because it is perpetually marshy. While digging in that area, my husband unearthed a PVC pipe that has been routed from a spring on the mountain to that very inconvenient spot. It drips steadily all the time and is the source of the only real problem with the plot. He thinks if he buries a 50 gallon drum around there and routes the pipe into it, we could have a little well to draw from for irrigation while allowing the dirt there to totally dry up. I was relieved to hear there’s a possible solution other than buying taller muck boots!

With the help of a friend of the owner’s family, the front pasture has received some TLC from his skidsteer Bobcat and last night they seeded and covered it with hay. Today it got watered and the friend came over with his tractor to help plow out the garden plot. Finally, the frost is behind us and we will be sowing vegetables very soon!

I never finished that seed inventory but what we won’t be sowing directly into the ground, we’ll probably purchase transplants from a nursery since we are SO behind. It’s not ideal, but a lot of farmers are struggling in the same way this year due to weather (so watch the prices at the supermarket this summer, they may be hiked due to less supply and higher gas prices). I am excited to get out into the field sometime in June, probably near the end unless baby comes sooner rather than later. Our first memories together will be in the garden and I am so thankful for my spring baby.

I wish I could be posting pictures but my only picture taking device has given up the ghost! We’re eventually getting a new phone, but frugality demands we wait for now. Baby needs come first! Hopefully by the time our beautiful plants come to maturity, I’ll have a way to share it with you!

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